Stamp Duty on $500,000 Property in Australia

NON-First Time Buyers purchasing Established Home for Primary Residence are the most popular category of people buying a house in Australia. And $500,000 is the most popular property value entered into our stamp duty calculator for almost every state in Australia in 2017. Tasmania, ACT, South Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia all rank #1 for $500,000 property searches. This amount is #2 in New South Wales and Victoria. So how much is stamp duty tax in each of these states if you want to buy $500k house?

Here's the table of stamp duty payable on 500000 dollar house for each state.

Stamp Duty on $500,000:

StateStamp Duty Payable

















No surprises here. As other states don't have big and expensive cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, most people are trying to buy a house for around $500,000.

We should note we used a scenario where a person is NOT a First Time Buyer and purchasing Established Home for Primary Residence. If you are Foreign Purchaser you will pay extra in some states. Also amount may differ if you select different options.

Please use our stamp duty calculator to see what you should pay for your situation.