OSR Stamp Duty Calculator - Better Alternative

When you are buying a home you need to pay a stamp duty to your state government. Rates and formulas are too complicated to calculate it by hand so you are probably searching for an official OSR Stamp Duty Calculator. However when you start wondering around their site, you realize that official calculators are too complicated:

  • First, you have to use separate calculator for each scenario - first home buyer, foreign purchaser, etc.
  • Second, if you want to calculate stamp duty for various amounts, you need to go through all calculators over and over again.
  • Third, there is no option to figure out if you are eligible for the First Home Owner Grant and what it is if you are eligible
  • Fourth, extra fees, like Mortgage or Transfer fees are hard to find

So instead of using cumbersome OSR stamp duty calculator why not to check a better alternative?

Our stamp duty calculator provides all fees and taxes at a glance, is updated with the latest rates and is much easier to run multiple scenarios.