Most In-Demand Properties in Victoria - first half of 2021

What are the most in demand properties in Victoria at the moment? Check the monthly stamp duty calculations in Victoria from January - June 2021.

Established Home/Owner Occupier/NON First-Time Buyer

Our stamp duty calculator receives over 500k stamp duty calculations every month and based on these calculations we can predict what are the most in-demand properties in Victoria at the moment and also check the trend.

The most popular category is people buying established home as an owner occupier. Non-first buyers makes the biggest share and TOP-5 most in demand properties are:

  • $1,000,000;
  • $600,000;
  • $800,000;
  • $700,000;
  • $500,000.

Check the chart below to see the trend:

First-Time Buyer/Established Home/Owner Occupier

First Buyers also mostly looking at the established homes first and their TOP-5 in demand properties are priced lower:

  • $650,000;
  • $600,000;
  • $700,000;
  • $750,000;
  • $800,000.

These values are in line with stamp duty concessions introduced by the Victorian Government in 2017.

Investors/Established Home

Investors also mostly looking at the established homes and their TOP-5 is:

  • $600,000;
  • $500,000;
  • $700,000;
  • $1,000,000;
  • $400,000.

So most in demand property in Victoria is $600,000 as it is in TOP-5 for all property market participants...