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We are always lazy.

We do our research (if any) once and then forget about it. Be it phone or internet plans, electricity or gas services, home or car insurances and even home loans!

Big corporations and banks love it! They sign you up and then move all of their resources and offer discounts to acquire new customers forgetting about you.

By not shopping around we end up paying LAZY TAX. And for home loans that lazy tax is massive - in the thousands!

For example, table below shows how much money you are wasting by using standard variable rates of the 4 big banks vs just 0.2% lower rate and usually you can get interest rate 1%-1.3% lower than that:

Bank Standard Variable Rate Monthly Savings
(when rate is 5%)
30 years Loan Lifetime Savings
(when rate is 5%)
ANZ Bank 5.20% $61.45 $22,122
Commonwealth Bank 5.22% $67.63 $24,346
NAB 5.24% $73.82 $26,575
Westpac 5.24% $73.82 $26,575

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